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Meaning of *War Manager* and *Qualifications*
Message # 1 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2014-12-24, 2:45 PM
Hello team,

I am making this post as to clarify the missunderstandings we had every match since this team was made (a bit late I know).

War Manager - Stands for the person who is in charge to SELECT the players he CONSIDERS suitable to play the match per round.

Qualifications - Stands for the method the War Manager uses to HELP himself choosing the right player IF he didn't made up his mind the first time or IF there are too many players requesting to play.

In other words, if the War Manager made up the lineup, stop asking him to play. If you really want to play, then TRAIN.
Also, do not miss the events, if Qualification is set to a certain hour, BE THERE 5 minutes earlier. Same with the dates for WARS. Again, BE THERE 5 minutes earlier, don't make the War Manager chase the players on Skype/Whatsapp/Messenger/Bunkers/Moon.
If you do plan to be late a little due to family problems/tornado/volcano/asteroid/santa claus, please TELL the War Manager so he can arange the map order to suit our needs.

Qualification is not needed and should not be asked from players.
The War Manager is the only one who really knows if there is need for one or not.

This rules have to apply everytime everywhere until told otherwise by the War Manager.

Forum » THC RACING FORUM » Fun Wars » Calendar » Meaning of *War Manager* and *Qualifications*
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