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Elite wants to join team THC!
Message # 1 | Posted on: Sunday, 2018-09-02, 1:19 PM
Real Name: Anders Martin Karlsvik
Age: 16
Country/City: Norway, Trondheim
E-Mail address: andersmartin@getmail.no (not gmail btw)
Discord address: Paabl0

Added (2018-09-02, 1:33 PM)
Wtf? I wrote like a page of stuff and everything is gone but my name and stuff???

Added (2018-09-02, 1:42 PM)
TrackMania Nickname: Elite'
TM 2 Stadium Login: Karl683
TMNF Login: Karl683
Skill in Tech: Medium
Skill in other environments: I played alot of fullspeed back in the day but i dont know if im any good at it anymore :3.
Type of player: I mostly play just for fun but im looking forward to playing some cups and tournaments too.
Years playing TrackMania: Since 2011
Ex teams: This is my first team :3

Why have you chosen THC? 
I choose THC as my first team because i think that the people playing for the team are good and they are very friendly and nice.
I play about 2-4 hours every day (mostly TM) and 5hr+ in the weekends.
My main hobby is playing video games but i also play a bit of basketball. I listen to alot of music too, mostly rap and punk (gorillaz).

Message edited by Elite - Sunday, 2018-09-02, 1:31 PM
Message # 2 | Posted on: Monday, 2018-09-03, 1:49 PM
Hi, added you in tm
Message # 3 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2018-09-04, 6:26 PM
app closed !
Forum » THC RACING FORUM » Join THC Racing » Elite wants to join team THC!
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