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Message # 1 | Posted on: Thursday, 2019-05-23, 2:40 PM
Real name: Erwan
Age: 17 years
Country / city: France, Lannion
Email address (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Skype, XFire, Steam): loulou.76400@hotmail.fr
Discord Address: ShelioTM # 7672
English level (low middle high): low ~ med

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Nickname: erwan_du_76
TM 2 Stage login: Shelio
Skills in Tech (Low Med-high): med ~ high
skills in other environments (Dirt, Fullspeed, RPG): FS / RPG
Type of player: (competitive or fun: competitive
Playing years on TrackMania: 1 year and a half, without forgetting to play from time to time.
Teams eg Loud eSports, Return, ANE, Replica eSports
Mania Exchange (or TMX) ID (optional): /

Why did you choose THC? : I think I can make a lot of progress at home, meet new people and go with you.
How are you going to be active ?: I play Trackmania every day in
know more about you (hobbies, music, games, sports, etc.)? : I like music especially rap, in sport I practice football goal I also like rugby, I am passionate about video games especially races!

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Message # 2 | Posted on: Saturday, 2019-05-25, 1:59 PM
Yo sorry for the late reply, ive been afk these last days.

I'll talk with you on discord, soon as i get a chance.

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