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Message # 1 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-01-30, 4:03 AM
Real Name: Rune Lysberg (and i currently go under the gender male.)

Age: 20

Country,City: Norway, Bodø

Your E-Mail address RuneL-94@Hotmail.com

Hobbies: Football, gaming.. that kind of stuff, i also work at a grocery store.

English level: My understanding in english is a high, and my writing aswell (allthough i can have some typos). My oral skills would be a medium (and by oral i mean my ability to speak the language...Duh) 

TrackMania Name: Lysberg (currently SSRLysberg)
Trackmania login: Rlysberg

TrackMania2Stadium Login: Rlysberg (and again..SSRLysberg) 

Skill: I'm a medium. Im not one of those gods who can play a map once and just wreck everyone, but i do get quite the decent times after practicing a map.

Most skills in: Tech, haven't really played fullspeed or dirt.

Type of player: I do find competetive play very fun. However, my lust for victories surpass my actual driving skills.. So i'd say its a mix.

Years playing TrackMania: oh boy.. uhm, 2007? or something around there didnt really play tech until 2009 though.

TrackMania version: United and tm2 
How active will you be? I try to play atleast an hour every day. This isnt always the case though. But i am very active

Ex teams:  Super Sheep Racing, Norwegian tech clan. played some cps etc. Raring, funclan. And Rookie the german gamingcommunity, as old as Tellus itself.. (or something like that)

TMX id: So long ago.. can't remember. 

Why have you chosen THC:  back in the day my ex team mate Laterlus joined here, so as i was playing with him, i met some of you, or atleast saw you guys play together, and you seem to be having a good time playing the game together. And that is the most important thing to me. At the moment i find it quite boring to play by myself, as SSR is a dead clan. And i miss the company of drivingbuddies. And i miss being able to connect with people through the game. So therefore i'd like to play with you smile

Tell us more about you: I am a 20 y/o boy with a love for videogames, music and sports. My top 3 games would be Trackmania, League of legends and Borderlands 2 

I used to play some sundayleague soccer, but i took a footballshoe to the knee... And my fav. bands these days  are Arctic Monkeys, Cake, Metallica, Creedence Clearwater Revivals, The clash and Johnny Cash. A sweet sweet mix, isnt it? :> 

Thanks for reading my biography, sorry it became so long... 
- Lysberg.
Message # 2 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-01-30, 2:00 PM
GL   Lisberg  biggrin ! ! !
Message # 3 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-01-30, 2:06 PM
Hi Rune, thanks for your interest in thc, Yes Lateralus is a good friend of mine, known him since i 1st started playing in 2011.
Theres nothing wrong with a long application lol i prefer it like that so we get to  know more about you smile

Anyway good luck and hf,  4ever or Nrjz will get back to you when there available m8


Message # 4 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-01-30, 2:26 PM
Hello Lysberg, thank you for your interest in joining our team smile Your application is not long at all , in the contrary we like long applications who let us know more about the person that wants to join us.
You might not see THC very active in this moment, we just finished CPS recently and most of the members are tired but we will be back in action with TMM coming soon smile
You (like everyone who applies) will have to do a small trial which shoulnd't be a big problem.
I will also add you to our TMM squad.

So here is the tag: 
Tag: $i$090тнс$666.'$fffNAME

Don't forget to play with us and get to know us !
The password to our private server is thcpowatrain


PS: you play on EUNE or EUW?

The truth is true.
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Message # 5 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-01-30, 5:34 PM
Another good addition to our tmm squad! We are VERY motivated for tmm since we won DIV5 in ESL and I hope you're gonna help us in tmm :)))
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