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kawi's app
Message # 1 | Posted on: Saturday, 2015-07-11, 5:37 PM
Real Name: Robin L.
Age: 17
Country,City: Estonia
Your E-Mail address: insovietrussia. (Skype)
Hobbies: Weightlifting, cycling, basketball, enoying life
English level: High (ayyy)

TrackMania Name: kawi
Trackmania Login: hgasew23
TrackMania2Stadium Login:  kawi-
Skill: Med/high
Most skills in: Tech
Type of player: Competitive comes first I suppose, but a bit of both
Years playing TrackMania: Started in 2009, with numerous breaks. Started again in 2014 and been building up since then
TrackMania version: Nations
How active will you be? As much as life lets me :p Usually play 5-6 hours a week, train for competitions properly etc
Ex teams: United Racers, ANE, iGn, Like a Sir Esports
TMX id: kawi 
Why have you chosen THC: You're a pretty good team in the lower divisions, so I thought why not start taking the game seriously again :p
Tell us more about you: Usually a very talkative person, I like to be very social. I love all kinds of sports (as well as eSports heh), recently gotten more into weightlifting and bodybuilding.
I like all kinds of music, depends on the mood. Some indie here and there, maybe dnb, hip-hop - depends.
When it comes to TrackMania, then I haven't been that lucky with team choices. The only team so far where I've actually improved was ANE a loooong time ago, so I thought THC would set me straight again :p
Message # 2 | Posted on: Saturday, 2015-07-11, 7:53 PM
hi Kawi, good luck in your test  ! ! !    wink

here is your tag  

 $i$090тнс т $fffNAME
Message # 3 | Posted on: Saturday, 2015-07-11, 8:01 PM
Yooo! kawi, i remember you from ane smile thanks for your interest in thc.. competition players is exactly what we're looking for , hf

good luck man smile

Message # 4 | Posted on: Saturday, 2015-07-11, 10:12 PM
Thanks smile
Message # 5 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-08-14, 1:31 PM
Welcome to the  Team  Kawi  ! ! !    biggrin

Message # 6 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-08-14, 3:18 PM
Sweet, thanks! biggrin
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Message # 7 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2016-12-21, 4:21 AM
Hi, smile
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