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Message # 1 | Posted on: Thursday, 2015-07-30, 1:46 AM
Real Name: Maarten
Age: 22
Country,City: Netherlands, Amstelveen
Your E-Mail address calamiteit@live.nl
Hobbies: Trackmania
English level: Medium+

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Name: Reb
Trackmania Login: je_never
TrackMania2Stadium Login: je_never1
Skill: Med/high
Most skills in: Tech
Type of player: Mostly fun
Years playing TrackMania: around 7 (with breaks)
TrackMania version: United
How active will you be? Going on holiday soon. After that very active.
Ex teams: Latest team: asylum
Why have you chosen THC: Because THC is great. 
Tell us more about you: i'm a friendly and social guy. I study sports marketing, so I like all kind of sports. Favorite cigarette brand: camel. Favorite music: everything beside justin bieber/miley cyrus.
Message # 2 | Posted on: Thursday, 2015-07-30, 1:25 PM
Hey Maarten, welcome to the forum:)  thanks for your interest in THC
Can i ask when and how long your going on holiday for plz?  as we will probably start a trial period once you return.


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Message # 3 | Posted on: Thursday, 2015-07-30, 2:02 PM
Good luck Reb! Saw you on the server today even though i was afk. Hope to see you more on our server. PS: Cant believe you dont like Bieber..
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Message # 4 | Posted on: Thursday, 2015-07-30, 8:07 PM
Welcome in the forums! See you in TM biggrin
Message # 5 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-07-31, 0:48 AM
hi Maarten, good luck in your test  ! ! !      

here is your tag    

 $i$090тнс т $fffNAME
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Message # 6 | Posted on: Friday, 2015-07-31, 1:11 AM
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