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Message # 1 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-02-16, 10:32 PM
Personal Information

Real Name : Samuel
Age : 22 years
Country,City : France, near Le Mans (24H of Le Mans, best race in the world :p)
Your E-Mail address : Mail : sampo72@hotmail.fr, Steam : ElixiR
Hobbies : Sport, e-sport, I play volley ball, BMX RACE, SC2 and CS:GO :p
English level : Medium

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Name : Elix'iR!
Trackmania Login : Samguiet
TrackMania2Stadium Login : Lombax12
Skill : Medium Tech
Most skills in : Tech
Type of player : Competitive, JUST WIN EVERYTHING !
Years playing TrackMania : Since 2008
TrackMania version : United, Nation, TM2
How active will you be? For now, I can play all the day, I finished my Sport formation I'm actualy searching a job.
Ex teams : HFT in 2009 to 2010, pro.Team in 2010 to 2013. (with fluid)
Mania exchange id : ElixiR
Why have you chosen THC : I know THC since 2012, Some of good players were in this team, I wan't to be part of this history and why not become a good player tongue I know THC is a very good team, and I wan't to help you to do better and better years after years.
Tell us more about you : IG I play all the competition (ESL, STC, TMM, TmT, Aliwen Cup, MLC and much more !) IRL I practice some sports, I know well the spirit of competition and play for fun. I'm fireman in France so I can leave the game imediatly like a rage quit but it's not a ragequit :p
Example : I love SC2 and CS:GO, My favorite team is Arsenal and I love RapUS like Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, or some electro / house like Major Lazer...

I think I say all you need but if you have others questions, I can help :)

Message edited by ElixiR - Tuesday, 2016-02-16, 10:34 PM
Message # 2 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-02-16, 11:14 PM
Hey Samuel, thanks for choosing THC,
After last night's convo etc i was expecting this and im glad you applied, Look i cant show any favouritism towards you regarding driving a map to get your trial as it wouldnt be fair on the other's who had to. This wont take you long im sure :)
https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/99371/esl-shiva a 58.60 you should be able to do with your eyes closed.

Also a Gunners fan huh, damn you were very lucky on saturday against little old leicester city lol

Anyway ill expect your replay asap, if you have skype add spliffy2014 please.


Message # 3 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-02-16, 11:17 PM
lol ive just checked offline recs for this map and i see you already there with a 58.578 dont bother with your replay i can already see it

Message # 4 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-02-16, 11:28 PM
check your pm inbox on the forum sam

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Message # 5 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2016-02-17, 1:09 AM
Ty ! :)
I'll be active as much as possible

Message edited by ElixiR - Wednesday, 2016-02-17, 1:10 AM
Message # 6 | Posted on: Friday, 2016-02-19, 6:59 PM
Hey Samuel ,   GL   wink
Message # 7 | Posted on: Thursday, 2016-06-30, 12:31 PM
Tiens un petit français chez THC !
Bien ! J'espère renforcer le groupe France ici prochainement !
Peace !

"I need to have Kaya now"
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