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pmw app
Message # 1 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-11-01, 1:17 AM
Real Name: brett        
Age: 21
Country/City: dallas usa
E-Mail address (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Skype, XFire, Steam): btcurlyhead1@gmail.com
English level (Low-Medium-High): high

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Nickname: pmw
TM 2 Stadium Login: convict_
TMNF Login:
Skill in Tech (Low-Med-High): med
Skill in other environments (Dirt, Fullspeed, RPG): dirt
Type of player: (Competitive or Fun) fun but looking to get into comp
Years playing TrackMania: 7
Ex teams: tech : burn dirt: ddr dna d2c
Mania Exchange (or TMX) ID (Optional):

Why have you chosen THC? Skynet thought I would be good enough and I would like to get involve more into the tech community and learn more people and techniques
How active will you be (We are interested in active players) ? I play almost everyday if I can when I get home from work,
Tell us more about you (Hobbies, music, games, sports; etc.) ? I edit montages and in the process of getting better at photoshop and I skateboard and bowl
Message # 2 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-11-01, 12:41 PM
Hey Brett,  From cowboy land i see tongue yeehaw lol  

Id like you to drive this map please https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/111747/stc12nc11-bubole target time 1:01.8x
You can get a week to try it man.
GL smile

Message # 3 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-11-01, 1:41 PM
Hey Brett   GL  !!!   wink
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Message # 4 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2016-11-01, 7:16 PM
Go man !

Added (2016-11-01, 7:16 PM)
Go man !

Message # 5 | Posted on: Thursday, 2016-11-03, 1:54 AM

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Message # 6 | Posted on: Monday, 2017-04-10, 7:01 PM
I know that the app is closed but I have to say something in 3 post before do my own post so, sorry tongue
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