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Joints Application
Message # 1 | Posted on: Friday, 2016-12-30, 1:17 PM
Personal Information

Real Name: Adrian Sloan
Age: 28
E-Mail address (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, Skype, XFire, Steam):
English level (Low-Medium-High):I can handle the lang.

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Nickname: Joints
TM 2 Stadium Login:MaryjaneTm
TMNF Login:
Skill in Tech (Low-Med-High): Low or mid depends on the scale ofc.
Skill in other environments (Dirt, Fullspeed, RPG): Only playing tech.
Type of player: Competitive
Years playing TrackMania: 2 month
Ex teams: none.
Mania Exchange (or TMX) ID (Optional):

Why have you chosen THC?
I played some public servers and got told that i should be applying for a team since they think i had some talent. So here i am, the team kinda fits my name aswell.
If i once get in ill be staying here with you, im the loyal type of guy when it comes to teaming up.

How active will you be (We are interested in active players) ?
I am very active and i do have a goal and its to be a decent player in a year and a half. I will gladly represent you in a proffesional way and will alwasy be there for practice.
You guys will mostly see me in private server where ill be sitting and developing and work on the tech skills.

Tell us more about you (Hobbies, music, games, sports; etc.) ?
Computer games,hanging out with friends, and smoke pot.

I am willing to hang around with you to atleast show my spirit and activity for some time, do you guys have like a private server that i can get acess to?

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Message # 2 | Posted on: Friday, 2016-12-30, 11:03 PM
Hi Adrian welcome :0  only 2 months? haha,  your more than welcome to hang around, ill add you on tm maybe you can join our private server and discord at somepoint, 

You still would have to drive this  https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/113946/exes-tc-parasuit if people say you have talent id like to see a 48.xx plz smile ha

anyway we'll see what happens


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