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Message # 1 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2017-02-28, 7:20 PM
Real Name: Olve
Age: 17 (can I say 18 cause its right around the corner?)
Country/City: Harstad
E-Mail address: Olvedn@gmail.com
Skype: Olvedn
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197973323153/
English level: very high

TrackMania Nickname: BeaU
TM 2 Stadium Login: Olvedn1337
TMNF Login: Olvedn1337
Skill in Tech: Med
Skill in other environments: Dirt: Med, FS: non-existent, RPG: med/low
Type of player: Competetive
Years playing TrackMania: 1 year 3 months total, 11 months competetive
Ex teams: BBD, ANE, Delta, Acore and Agency.

Why have you chosen THC?
I chose THC because I have encountered several ppl I enjoy talking to and see the team as an active clan where I would like to settle down as a player.
How active will you be? On almost daily
Tell us more about you? My name is Olve and I come from the north parts of norway, my hobby is kinda obviously gaming and being social. My music taste is all over the place and the only sport I do is lifting as my legs are too fucked up for anything involving running. Can be noted that I can be very outspoken.
Message # 2 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2017-02-28, 11:37 PM
hi Olve i will add you , to give your test speed wink

can you get 48.9xx on this map: https://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/101786/tmm-amity-ft-plackettc16

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Message # 3 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2017-02-28, 11:52 PM
Nice to see you here smile
Welcome, Gl for the trial!
Message # 4 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2017-02-28, 11:55 PM
Yo welcome beau, gl, you have discord? if not can you download it please

Message # 5 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2017-03-01, 4:02 PM
Beau, why so many teams in a short space of time?

Message # 6 | Posted on: Wednesday, 2017-03-01, 10:21 PM
First of all:
If you are making application mr BeaU then tell them why ANE kicked you.
You did not mention why you left acore, you missed around 4 more teams to be honest in your application.
You have been in nearly 8 teams in your amount of time in trackmania, And
for 6 month ago you told me that you played for 1 year. So how come that
you only played 1 year and 3 month?

Second of all:
This is mostly for THC leaders.

BeaU has a very bad reputation because he leaves teams, his attitude is
totally shit. And i think You spliff should really think about this.
Thc has such a good reputation. Do not fuck that up by letting BeaU in.
Message # 7 | Posted on: Thursday, 2017-03-02, 0:36 AM
Thanks for the heads up Pixi

THC Members
Message # 8 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 0:34 AM
Ok why would you post this Pixi? If you are still mad at me since 24h race, its fine, but take it with me private instead.

Ok I will go through the things he brought up one by one, and then you guys can get to decide.
I was kicked from ANE because of personal friction and being an asshole. Then again I have made an conscious effort to change and have remained friends and rekindled friendship with most of the people in ANE. 

I left Acore because they were disqualified from Exes because of lack of players.

I have not been in 8 teams, where do you get this from? I have been in these teams for 1 season: BBD, ANE, Delta and Acore. and these 2 outside season: Version/Exec/??? (they rebranded alot) and Agency.
Delta was guestdriving, and after the full season I chose not to stay because it was too french of a team for me. BBDs second team was falling apart when I played there. Acore was because of massive inactivity, we were 3 ppl for first match in groups. Agency went inactive, Exec was personal issues/lies from one of the leaders.

I told you I had been playing 1 year around 3-4 months ago in September man... Bought the game in end of September, didnt start play before TMM last year.

I won't try to say my reputation is good, but why would you go to an application and say this? Most of it is way past the truth. I can say things but I have no interest in making this a fight, tho it can be said your post has been forwarded to Delta.

Message edited by BeaU - Friday, 2017-03-03, 0:50 AM
Message # 9 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 1:14 AM
Hey guys, Cervisia from ANE speaking.

As I was one of the admins responsible at the time beau was kicked from ANE, I want to shine some light on the situation.
We decided to kick Beau because of two reasons. The first being that a few of our members didn't enjoy having Beau around, or simply put, they didn't like him. As for why they didn't like him: They considered him to be "too childish". I won't say that it was completely unjustified, but in all fairness I have to say that some, especially the ones who didn't like him, didn't treat Beau as an equal, simply because he was our youngest member. Our second reason was that Beau had a couple of "conficts" with a few (usually the same) members. We didn't need any unnecessary tension in the team and so we decided to kick Beau.

However, I don't think that it is fair to judge Beau before you even get to know him. He really worked a lot on himself, and as he mentioned in his post, he is getting along quite well with a lot of our members. And that by far better than when he was part of ANE. 

I honestly think that you guys should give Beau a chance. He has grown a lot since he had to leave ANE. and I do believe that everyone deserves a fair chance. Yes he made some mistakes in the past, but do you really want to judge him only becuase of that?

Best regards, 

Message # 10 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 1:51 AM
Hey Thc guys and Beau smile

Sorry to disturb you on that discussion, but i saw that a guy by the name of Pixi sended a  reply and i wanted to give you more informations about him.

Sorry to say that but it's not the Pixi from Delta but a guy who wanted to give his impressions about Beau and makes some problems to Pixi.

I know that Pixi and Spliff talked about that on discord, but Pixi never wanted to disturb his postulation.

If it's possible to have the registration mail of this Pixi account, i could be very thankful to you guys.

I have an idea about which guy did that, cause he put real pixi name, but a wrong city unlucky on his profil.

Getting back to Beau, i know him well too, cause he played last stc with Delta, a guy very motivated to train when it's needed and when he want his place. He can be a bit nervous when he loose but that understandable, but he always want the best for the team.

He need just a team to fit in and he will improve more and more.

Sorry for all that post but i needed to explain all those things, and wish to Beau and Thc team the best



Message edited by Jaja - Friday, 2017-03-03, 1:52 AM
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Message # 11 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 2:35 AM
Thanks guys for explonations, we have made really big drama under this post. In my opinion BaeU deserves a chance to be in our team for a trial and then maybe for more. This guy is good player and really active and positive. We cant blame him for his past, everyone makes mistakes, no one is saint.
And he also passed his speed test.

Message edited by krystian_orz97 - Friday, 2017-03-03, 2:35 AM
Message # 12 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 3:45 AM
Thanks Cervisia and JaJa

Beau will have his chance just like everyone

Message # 13 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-03-03, 7:01 AM
Damn Beau, your the talk of the town lol,  look thanks for your honesty about the reasons you had problems in other teams, im willing to give you a trial, i dont know you so who am i to judge you from the off.
I already spoke with people from some of your ex teams regarding sittuations in the past, so i think we should just leave it at that on move on from this. 

Cervisia and jaja thanks for your input on this guys, much appreciated

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