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Application Flotsy
Message # 1 | Posted on: Thursday, 2017-04-06, 10:26 PM

Personal Information

Real Name: Florian
Country/City:France, Guadeloupe
E-Mail address : flotsy76@gmail.com
English level:  Medium +

TrackMania Information

TrackMania Nickname: Flotsy
TM 2 Stadium Login: flotsy76
TMNF Login: flotsy
Skill in Tech: Med
Skill in other environments : I am actually really bad on other environments
Type of player: Fully competitive
Years playing TrackMania: About 1 year on TMNF, 6 months on TM² Stadium
Ex teams: Speed Gaming
Mania Exchange (or TMX) ID : /

Why have you chosen THC? I've chosen THC because you look like a well experimented team with a pretty good level and I think I need a team like THC to improve myself and evolve in TM².
How active will you be ? At least 1 hour a day, much more the weekend
Tell us more about you ? I have been playing tennis for 5 years, I'm interested in music but I don't have enough time to focus on it.

I hope that you'll consider my application and see you soon !

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Message # 2 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-04-07, 7:22 PM
Hi  Florian
we will give to you a  speed test  !

see you in Tm
Message # 3 | Posted on: Friday, 2017-04-07, 8:26 PM
Sure, thanks !
Message # 4 | Posted on: Monday, 2017-04-10, 2:13 PM
App closed.
Message # 5 | Posted on: Monday, 2017-04-10, 7:03 PM
Sorry I've to post 3 message to do my own post
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