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Hello all, my name is Raso and i'm back.
Message # 1 | Posted on: Sunday, 2017-12-10, 1:28 AM
Hello guys, my name is Oscar but you can call me Raso. I'm from Barcelona and i'm glad to be here again smile

I'm gonna explain a little bit about myself.

I start to play trackmania in 2006 when I only have 12 years old.

Then I play'd in some small spanish teams when I learned a lot and I will highlight ''fumets'' where I made my first ESL in 2009. and ''winners'' , in this team I learn'd how be the leader of a team with my friend Arola. 

Winner's ''die'' and I join THC in 2011.

With THC I played:
TMT (2nd position in groups and we reach 1/16)

and then in 2013 I have to take the decision to leave because all teams was changing to TM2 and I wanted to keep competing so I decided to try to join THE.

In THE (2013-2014) I played in ESL CPS13 in 2nd division and we reach 5st position.

Then I leave THE because I wasn't motivated enought for 2nd division.

After this I join eXception (2014-2015) because i'll want to try my best in lower division and I had a lot of fun but I get desmotivated again so I quit trackmania in 2015. 

I explain my history so you can understand all about myself and also understand 'm gonna need sometime to take some competition level again smile

I'm happy to be here again and I will answer your question if you have some.
Message # 2 | Posted on: Sunday, 2017-12-10, 1:42 AM
Yo Raso smile
Welcome back man its really good to have you here again,  Hoping this time around is a better experience xd, Im sure it will be.
Your skill level will be back in no time ha

Anyway this is good news all round m8 HF

Forum » THC RACING FORUM » Join THC Racing » Hello all, my name is Raso and i'm back.
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