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Paragon Stadium Chase 3v3 Cup
Message # 1 | Posted on: Tuesday, 2015-11-03, 4:48 PM
Hey guys !

The Paragon Chase Cup is offically starting with the 1st cup on next Wednesday 8pm GMT+1, and will occur every Wednesday at the same time.

* You'll fight for 105€ to the podium !!! If enough teams will register for the first cups, the prizes will be maintain later. So let's support this new tournament, come join us : http://league.paragon-esports.com/cup/270

* A freshly new maps pack has just been launched for the occasion, you can downlaod it here : http://league.paragon-esports.com/news/126

* Chase mode is truly a fun and cooperative mode to drive. Middle-skilled players with a good communication will always be better than top players without communication. That's the beauty of this mode. Let's recap the rules quickly :
- general mechanic : during a round, the player of the team crossing a checkpoint in last position must cross the next chekpoint in 1st position. And so on. If you pass a checkpoint in this right order, you win a point as a team at each checkpoint. Otherwise you don't get the point.
- to win a round there is 2 ways : you manage to build a gap of 3 points with the other team. If it's not the case (close rounds), the 1st player at the finish will win the point for his team
- to win a map, you have to win 3 rounds
- the maps are played on multilaps, 5 laps

To have a look on how the mode is driven :

* To test this mode and the new maps : maniaplanet://#join=paragonomgmyeyeschase@TMStadium

* Website : http://league.paragon-esports.com/cup/270

Hoping to see you there !!!
Forum » THC RACING FORUM » Fun Wars » Paragon Stadium Chase 3v3 Cup
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