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TMM Cup 2017

We played our consolidation round tonight in TrackMania Masters TC17, Burn was our opponents which we won 3-0. 7-0, 7-2, 7-3 GG to both teams. It will be a huge challenge for us whoever we face in the playoffs. Theres a break in play now and no matches next week due to easter and Gamers Assembly. So our next match will be on the 23rd april.

The Consolidation Round has been released in TrackMania Masters TC17, We've been drawn against Burn with the winner advancing to the playoffs. glhf

Match 3 and final match of the group, was tonight in TrackMania Masters TC17 where we faced Hardcore Power Drivers. The match ended 3-0 for HpD 7-6, 7-4, 7-0, The first 2 maps were close and could have went eitherway, HpD ran away with the 3rd map. GG guys

Not much to say about tonights match in TrackMania MastersTC17, We faced Insanity in our 2nd match in Group H, Unfortunetly they didnt have a full squad for the match so we won 3-0.
Next up for us on Sunday 2nd April is a tough match vs Hardcore Power Drivers

Our first match in TrackMania Masters TC17 will be tonight against Mysterious Monkeys Trackmania at 20cet on there server. If you want to watch the match Nelkey TM from MyMo i think will be streaming it. www.twitch.tv/nelkey

Its that time again, TrackMania Masters TC17 is about to get underway this weekend with the start of the group stage, We've been drawn in Group H alongside Mysterious Monkeys Trackmania, Hardcore Power Drivers and Insanity, The 1st match will be on Sunday 19th March, against Mysterious Monkeys Trackmania, who are coming off the back of a great performance in eXes TC. GLHF!

Squad changes

After two fast lost matches against MD and MyMo, we're finally out of eXeS tournament. Now it's right time to make changes in our lineup.

+ Arola /comeback after break
+ Peanut
+ Deska
+ Scream
+ Marcin /trial
+ Kelb /trial
+ Smor /trial
+ Thug /trial

By decision of our leaders, two players have to leave for their inactivity:
- Pmw
- Jonts

We wish you good luck in the future. We're looking forward for next tournament to show our potential with all these new players.


eXeS cup

Yesterday we faced MnM2. It wasn't our day and we lost 22-12, 3-0 in maps. Luckily, we are the best 5th team after group stage and we're qualified to winners bracket instead of Orks team. We'll face Polish team, MaDrivers at 22nd January. Surely, it'll be hard war, but hopefully, we can get next stage. Keep fingers crossed and do your best, boys!

First mappack for playoffs is out:
TrackStagram bt CvRk
ArtificalIntelligence by axelalex
Austin by link
Cozy by Sparco
91° by Teaumma
Download it here:

Final standing of our group:
Group stage standings and Playoffs Mappack#1

Mappack #3 for eXeS cup is out. It contains three maps:
Spaceship by Manox
Mockingbird by Tomsen
Heart Me! by ace
Download it here:

Mappack #3

Mappack #1

Mappack #2


By admin, March 8, 2015
This was our second match in TrackMania Masters 2015 and we faced Funteam. This was probably the best performance of THC until now in a match.

The first map started with close rounds for each of the teams. THC was wining a round then Funteam was wining the next round and so on, the first map finished with the score of 7-5 for Funteam. We were very close to win the first map of this match.
The second map was almost the same, both of the teams with very close rounds but in the end Funteam did more mistakes than us and we managed to win the second map with 7-5.
The third map didn’t matter that much, we only trained the first 2 maps so we lost the third map with 7-1

Overall very sick performance for THC, we managed to be at the same level as Funteam in the match and we put up a good fight with them.
Our next match will be against iGn Cream, it will definitely not be as hard as Funteam but we will still have to train hard and win the match!


By admin, February 22, 2015
Our first TMM match was against Only For Fun. We expected them to be decent so we trained hard for this match.
It wasn’t a very hard match since we managed to win 7-2, 7-0 and 7-0 so a total score of 3-0. Team OnlyForFun played decent like we expected, but our players were much better trained and were more consistent on the maps.

Now we are looking to face Funteam in our second match in TrackMania Masters. It is the hardest opponent in our group but that only makes us more motivated to try win the match!

Biggest TeamSpeak gathering so far for the match against OnlyForFun:



By admin, February 11, 2015
TMM 2015 is here and THC is looking forward to win the group-stage and play the playoffs.

Our current players available for TMM are:

4-Ever, Arola, Cilky, Cruzial, Curzeh, Damage, Distan, Don Tomato, Skynet, NrJz, Lysberg, Sav3lo, Sharoak, Shaut, Spliff, Swoopy, TnT, troLL

With this squad we will have to face : Team OFF, Funteam, iGn Cream and ANE

We will do everything to win this group and represent THC for better and for worse !



By admin, January 11, 2015

Playday 4 & 5 Results on short:

In the last 2 playdays THC faced iGn Cream and Ravage gaming and we were able to win both of the matches with the score of 6-0. Azure won the last 2 matches aswell, but THC won the division because we had more match points than team Azure.

Final Division Ranking

1. THC – 13p (+24)
2. Team Azure – 13p (+18)
3. Cream iGn – 9p (+6)
4. Ravage Gaming – 6p (-12)
5. Waves of Friends – 3p (-12)
6. Dieux Du Pieu – 0p (-24)

Close fight between THC and Team Azure for the first place in the division, THC came out on top by having more match points than Azure. Cream iGn finished on the 3rd place followed by Ravage, Waves of Friends and Dieux Du Pieu. It was an exciting ESL Season for us and we are looking forward to play and reach the playoffs in TMM 2015.

New features and recent changes.
By admin, December 24, 2014

New features and recent changes:

THC has acquired 2 brand new servers on Trackmania2 Stadium and the third one is on its way.
We now have one private server to train for our matches, one relay server so players can see our matches and the last server that might come this week is the public server and we hope it will be as populated as our short tech server from Trackmania Nations Forever.
Following up, THC has got a domain for our website now, so the new address is: www.thc-racing.com and together with the domain we also have a new forum which you can find inside our website.
Last but not least, we also have a team speak server now which can be found on the main page of our website. Feel free to join it and talk with us every time you want!